Mi casa es su casa


During one of the summer evenings, when we were discussing the meaning of life, we realized that the only thing we are missing in the city of kings, is a dance event which would provide us with an opportunity to participate in a workshop concerning our favorite dance-styles during the day, and give us a chance to discover the richness of Cuban rhythms during the parties at night. Following the following principle: “If we do not entertain ourselves, nobody will entertain us”, unanimously, we decided to create a festival of our dreams here in Cracow. Due to the fact that we’re far from being selfish, and that happiness is a thing to be shared (because then, contrary to what one may think, it gets multiplied), we would like to invite you to create our dreams in reality together with us.

What is our recipe for a “perfect festival”? A lot of Timba, a pinch of Rumba and Afro, spiced up with reggaeton, artists who not only are perfect dancers, but who also have an ability to share their knowledge, parties during which shared fun will be present until the break of dawn, and people, above all, dance passionates and lovers of anything Cuban.

We would like you to feel good here, have great fun, so with full awareness of anything that could possibly happen, we would like to assure that everything is going to be done, to make the festival home, constructed with great attention to detail, become your home, as the Cubans would say: „Mi casa es su casa”.

About Us

At the first glance, our story resembles other, similar ones. We have met during a party, exchanged our phone numbers and became facebook friends. Soon, our facebook albums started to feature dozens of photos of us together, and our diaries became filled with all of the adventures through which we went together. And this would probably be normal, had it not been for the dream that was created within us, at the same time - to create a festival which has never been witnessed before, in the world of Salsa.

Looking for dance inspirations, we have visited numerous events, in Poland and abroad (Serbia, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Germany), in order to finally reach out to the source and visit Cuba. Even though our everyday jobs seem to be mundane, in the evening you may meet us around the dancefloors of Cracow, acting as dancers, course participants and instructors. Our dancing skills have been presented on numerous stages, however, we think that applause from even the largest audience cannot replace the smile on your partner’s happy face during a true Cuban fiesta :) Maybe this sounds far-fetched, but we consider music, especially the Cuban music, to have a soothing effect, and that there is no thing which is more beautiful than interpretation of such music with the use of sophisticated moves.

Is there anything more, beyond those charming smiles? Come, find out yourselves. We would also like to invite you to contact us, we will try to answer any question you could have. If you have any proposals, ideas, remarks - contact us! We’re not some weirdos :)

o nas

Second edition

¡Qué Calor! 2018


Diana Rodriguez Garcia, Alieva Rodriguez Dinza, Liudmila Rodriguez Silva, Regla Hernandez, Joanna Sieja, Yoandy Villaurrutia, Osmani Segura, Ivancito Camagüey, Yorgenis Danger Garcia, Hector Oviedo Abreu, Eryk Januszyk


Lao de Cuba, El Honguito, Tomas Tuno, Punto

Live music:

Juan Carlos Sierra Hernandez, Maciej Giżejewski, Łukasz Jasiak


Workshops: MDK Dom Harcerza, TS Wisła, Metaforma Cafe Parties: Shine, Klub Studio, Klub Plac Nowy 1

Pierwsza edycja

¡Qué Calor! 2017


Lianette Granados, Liudmila Rodríguez Silva, Regla Hernández, Oliwia Szewczak, Ania Seruga, Osmani Segura, Ivancito Camagüey, Héctor Oviedo Abreu, Eryk Januszyk, Jacek Ratuszyński


Hervé TimbaLeaks, El Honguito, Tomas Tuno

Live music:

Maciej Giżejewski, Łukasz Jasiak


Workshops: MDK Dom Harcerza, TS Wisła Parties: Metaforma Cafe, Opera Krakowska, Klub Plac Nowy 1



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